Commercial Filming and Photography

A filming permit is required for filming on California State University Fullerton campus. The filming permit is coordinated by the Events & Facilities Use Office and enforced by the University Police Department. Filming permits are issued for commercial filming or photography and are requested 6 weeks prior to the start of the filming. The University has a selective process of reviewing filming permits, as the filming criteria must fit within the needs of our academic priorities. Proposed filming under any circumstance may not displace CSUF employees or students.

Facilities Use and Coordination Fees for Filming, Videotaping and Still Photography

  Per Hour
(up to 10 hours)
Per Day
(10-12 hours)
Per Hour
(Beyond 12)
Facilities Use
Coordination Fee
$250 One Day Event
$500 Multiple Day Event
Facility Use Fee Based on Number of Participants
Less than 10 cast & crew $250 $2,500 $200
10 to 49 cast & crew $375 $3,750 $300
50 to 89 cast & crew $425 $4,250 $340
90 or more cast & crew $500 $5,000 $400
Feature Film $600 $6,000 $480