Events & Facilities Use Advisory Committee Charge

The Events & Facilities Use Advisory Committee is established as a campus-wide committee that advises the Vice President for Administration & Finance/Chief Financial Officer regarding recommendations and revisions to the Events and Facilities Use Manual, Facilities Use Fee Schedule, and the allocation of Facilities Use Fee Revenue.

The Events & Facilities Use Advisory Committee shall consist of six members appointed by the Provost/Vice President for Academic Affairs, Vice President of Administration & Finance/CFO, Vice President for Human Resources, Diversity & Inclusion, Vice President/CIO Information Technology, Vice President for Student Affairs, and the Vice President for University Advancement. The Provost shall appoint a College Dean that will serve on the committee for no more than two consecutive years. The Vice Presidents shall appoint an Associate Vice President or designee who will serve a non-expiring term on the committee. The committee will meet a minimum of two times (once each semester) during the academic year.

The following individuals will serve as ex officio committee members:

  • Facilities Use Officer, Committee Chairperson
  • Facilities Use Program Analyst, Committee Staff
  • Chief Of Police
  • Director, Athletics
  • Director, Contracts & Procurement
  • Director, Facilities Operation
  • Director of Risk Management